3 Driving Manoeuvres That Are Particularly Hard To Do For Your Driving Test.

From a very young age, we are very keen to get behind the wheel of a car, especially the male of the species. We grow up driving around in our toy cars learning how to turn this way and that and the most difficult one of them all, reversing. Once we hit 16, we are ready to start learning, but there is one year to go before we can. It seems forever for the time to come, but when it does, we want to learn everything and usually, it’s our parents who first step up to the plate and volunteer to bring us out on the UK’s busiest roads. We learn a little from them, but they just don’t have the patience and skills required to teach us properly and we spend most of our time just shouting at each other.

We need to turn to the professionals and people have been learning to drive in Taunton for years, using the driving schools that are there. These people put their lives in our hands when they step up and teach us how to drive properly and they provide the car and the necessary adjustments to the vehicle to help us. When learning how to drive, the cars have dual controls, which means your driving instructor can operate the car the same as you can. They can brake in an emergency and help you to judge the clutch until you can do it yourself properly. This gives learners great peace of mind and better confidence

There are a number of different things that they can teach you that are particularly difficult when you first learn to do them.

  1. The hill start is one that many find very daunting and especially if another car is behind you and you are learning the routine for the first time. Thankfully, qualified drivers on the roads in the UK are quite patient and they remember back when they had to learn to drive a swell. Your instructor will help you find the biting point on the clutch to help you pull away safely while using the hand-brake at the same time. This is a difficult manoeuvre and will take time to learn.

  1. The 3 point turn is another manoeuvre that drivers find difficult, especially on a narrow road. The fact that other cars are approaching from both sides makes it even harder and sometimes, your nerves can get the better of you. That’s why it’s always best to learn with a qualified teacher because they know how to handle the situation and are able to calm you and get you to perform the move correctly.

  1. Reversing your vehicle is the most difficult and even after you have passed your driving test, you will always be practising this manoeuvre again and again. You will encounter many different sizes of parking spaces and with most, you need to reverse into them. Being able to reverse around a corner is hard and you must not be too far out from the pavement or you will fail the test. This is something that you need to practice again and again before you get good at it and your driving instructor won’t stop until you are great at it.

Book yourself some lessons today with your local driving instructor and get yourself qualified and with a licence in no time.

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