Hybrid Vehicle Top Safety Pick

An automobile insurance trade group, The Insurance Coverage Institute for Highway Safety, has named a hybrid vehicle like a top safety pick. The Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid vehicle having a small gasoline engine, achieved the recognition combined with the all-electric Nissan Leaf. The Insurance Coverage Institute offered the judgment following the group’s first US crash tests of plug-in and pure planet. Anybody wondering if hybrid vehicles will be safe can relax.

The Volt earned its top rating of “good” for front, side, rear and rollover crash protection. The Institute also noted that both Volt and also the Leaf have standard electric stability control that the group views an important safety feature. Makers of hybrid vehicles are clearly utilizing the same standards of safety in producing these new kinds of cars as with the greater common car engine vehicles.

Critics have lengthy contended that hybrid vehicles couldn’t be produced economically which safety could be compromised within the hurry to “go eco-friendly,” however the recent crash tests reveal that this isn’t the situation. These hybrid vehicles are as safe or safer than any vehicle created today.

Both Nissan Leaf and also the Chevrolet Volt are small cars which initially would appear to point too little safety. Both, though, have battery power adding significant weight towards the vehicles which makes them safer than other cars within their class. This, too, was shown through the Institute’s crash tests.

Furthermore, the tests demonstrated that using technology to improve gas mileage, like the power packs both in these vehicles, is more suitable to merely downsizing and lightening the load of cars in order to save fuel. Hybrid vehicles are really safer than standard cars of the identical size while remarkably fuel-efficient simultaneously.

These hybrid vehicles are ideal for highway driving. Should an accident occur, these cars will safeguard the motorists much better than most standard cars.

Actually, these planet are far safer compared to low-speed vehicles, like the Jewel e2 or even the Wheego Whip, that have been judged harmful after crash tests this past year. They are golf-cart-like vehicles that are becoming more and more popular, but aren’t needed to satisfy the nation’s safety standards of passenger vehicles.

The look from the electric and hybrid vehicle was broken within the mind from the consumer by these small carts that have been never intended for highway driving. Nonetheless, industry observers believe that the brand new tests will propel the Leaf and also the Volt forward within the minds of eco-minded consumers who’ve been waiting for an opportunity to buy a relatively eco-friendly, fuel-safe and effective vehicle not less than 5 years. Time has finally showed up. Both Leaf and also the Volt are very safe, fuel-efficient and won’t harm the atmosphere. Auto makers have recently switched the corner on producing desirable hybrid vehicles.

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